Trinilogics provides our clients with technical support far superior to any other software company. We have established a new “Gold Standard” in our industry. For you and your people, that means less stress, knowing that you have experts quickly available with solutions. Why would you ever settle for less?

Trinilogics provides four (4) different methods of client support!

  1. Our integrated “HELP MANUAL” consists of screen shots showing you step-by-step instructions for all our various software functions and is available directly in the JAMS application 24/7/365.
  2. Our online “HELP VIDEO LIBRARY” takes the HELP MANUAL a huge step further and consists of video clips with voice overs showing you step-by-step instructions for all our various software functions. These videos can be accessed online here 24/7/365 or directly from within the JAMS application 24/7/365.
  3. Our “ONLINE SUPPORT REQUEST SYSTEM” allows you to email your questions to our technical support team for answers.  Click the Enter Support Request link below to enter a support request.
  4. Our “DIRECT ACCESS SUPPORT SYSTEM” (see example below) allows you to schedule a day and time for a member of our technical support team to contact you, and with your permission, directly access your computer, showing you how they are resolving any issues you may be experiencing.

• Click the link below to enter a support request.

Enter Direct Access Support Request

• Click the download link to download the support program.



• Once downloaded run the program (Support.exe).

• Provide ‘Your ID’ to the support technician which is depicted below.


• When the support technician tries to connect to your computer, you will see the following screen.


• Click the check box next to ‘I confirm I know this technician and trust him.‘.

• Click the ‘Accept’ button.

Now you should understand what we mean by Trinilogics establishing a new Gold Standard in our industry for client support. Our success is measured by your success. Again, why would you ever settle for less?

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For more information call Gary Miller, Chief Marketing Officer, directly at 423.413.6258 or send him a request here.