The never-ending search for insurance agencies has been for a fully integrated, all-inclusive, agency management system with no other software necessary. Trinilogics “JAMS” software is the solution and provides significant time and cost-savings for Managers and Users! The Trinilogics “JAMS” system has powerful, intuitive functionality for ease of use and client support that establishes a new Gold Standard in the industry.

Trinilogics is so confident in the value of our JAMS Agency Management System software to your agency that we offer a 60-day money back guarantee. After using the JAMS software daily for 60 days, if you are dissatisfied, Trinilogics will provide a 100% refund of your investment.

Your COMPLETE Agency Management System


  1. Fully integrated, all-inclusive system. No other software necessary!
  2. Short training time. Powerful, intuitive functionality for ease of use!
  3. System security. All data is encrypted and protected at rest and in motion!
  4. Manager level security controls. Also allows easy system customization!
  5. Cost effective. System provides significant time-savings for Managers and Users!
  6. Time-savings = Cost-savings!
  7. 60-day money back guarantee. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!


Reporting & Dashboards
Policy Management
Lead/Contact Management
Contact Management
Workflow Management
Task Management
Invoicing & Receipts
Sales Tracking
Electronic Signatures
Commission Management
Quote Management
Sales Tracking
Payment Processing
User Customization
Import & Export
Email Integration/Mail Merge
Email Integration/Mail Merge
Email Integration/Mail Merge




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